Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Getting Started- Introduction.

Hello All,

This is my first blog:)

I am Sudhi.
Wil tel u more abt me in coming days.

So lets get into the official business,
Here is a brief introduction of what my blog wil be all about.

As u can see the name of the blog, its about being positive and happy.

For me happiness is of prime importance.

I wish to be happy and see everyone happy around me, at home, work and everywhere.

But the way to be happy is by being positive.

A negative person cannot be happy.

So this happiness and being positive goes hand in hand.

I will be writing about happiness and being positive in my upcoming blogs.

Hope u wil like it.

And to inform u, i would also like to listen to those who give suggestions and ask any queries, as i may go wrong.

"No one is perfect in this world, and nothing is perfect. Everything depends on perception of the observer."

And every time after reading my blogs i would like to tell u what i have heard somewhere,-

"Do not believe in whatever anyone says, be it a fact, or abt anybody or any petty things, until and unless your conscience agrees to it."

So wil wind up for the day.
Will meet you all soon.

Have a nice happy day. :)


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